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    Quintuplets? Nope … it’s a C1M Fun Panel

    Guess what Max is doing this week? If you guessed “celebrating his first birthday,” you win the prize. That little frosting face was a pretty good clue, though.

    We took Max’s pictures for the first time when he was just a couple of months old. That wasn’t so long ago by the calendar, but you should see all Max has accomplished in that time. You can see that he’s standing tall. We can vouch for the fact that he crawls really fast. And he’s even feeding himself. Well, sort of. Baby portrait sessions are unpredictable sometimes. And that is what makes them so special. It’s a funny thing about parenting:  the days can be long, but the years are short. Capturing these moments is more important than you know. Sure, you probably have a digital camera at home, and you probably have albums or drawers full of snapshots of your day-to-day moments. But isn’t that just it? They are in an album or in a drawer, or maybe on your laptop or phone. That’s wonderful, and those images are precious in their own right. Every once in a while, though, it’s nice to have a high-quality image that can be enlarged and displayed, and that’s where baby portrait sessions come in. Then when your cute baby has grown into a teenager who gets mad when you tell him he can’t borrow the car keys, a reminder of the love you share is just a glance away. When your cute baby is a father himself, and he calls to tell you about the mess your grandchild just made of his highchair, you can refer to photographic evidence that “Like father, like son,” became a cliché for a very good reason. These are the moments you think you’ll always remember perfectly. But when you’re chasing a lightning-fast crawler, or often trying to grab hold of a busy toddler to wash his hands off before whatever he ate last is on more than just him, memories can slip away. Our baby portrait sessions can help, and we aren’t afraid of a little frosting on the set.

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    Walter Schnecker, CPP

    Walter Schnecker is the owner of C1M Photography, LLC, in Amherst NH. He specializes in family portraits that capture moments in time and tug at the heartstrings.

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