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    Photography the Basics

    One of the things we hear most often from our beginning students is that they know their camera is good, and yet, their pictures aren’t. Their pictures are blurry. Or washed out. Or too dark. And all the buttons on the camera – what the heck do they do? It’s awesome that cameras have an “auto” setting, and it can be useful in a wide range of settings. But when you shoot in auto mode, the tail is wagging the dog. In other words, you’re giving the camera all the control. And, we admit, lots of beginners have pretty good luck shooting in auto. If you want to become a photographer and not just someone who takes pictures, though, you really should be the one in charge. A player piano can sound pretty good, but it won’t have the artistry of a maestro playing Mozart. Or a champion playing Chopin. OK, Bach to cameras, before we get sidetracked.

    Our Photography the Basics course is ideal for people who’ve never touched a camera before. It’s just as good for people who have been photographing for a long time, but find themselves disappointed with the results of their photo sessions more often than they’d like. Although we call it “basics,” this is no scratch across the surface. We delve deep into each of the camera’s systems, learning what each one does individually. We then show you how to connect the dots to get those systems working together to help you capture the images you want to capture. And we do it all in just a few weeks.

    Avery of Brookline, NH, said, “I signed up for the Basics course because I wanted to be able to use more features of my camera instead of the automatic mode. This course is perfect for people who are just starting and trying to figure out how to use their camera, and it’s super laid-back. It’s a lot more fun to take pictures now, because I can actually do what I want with my camera instead of getting frustrated!” Chella, who is in the Basics course that is currently running, sent these kind words after week three: “As we head into the 3rd class, I would like to let you know I am so very happy with the class.  It is all I dreamt it would be, even in such a short time.  I never once had any idea how to use my camera, other than click and shoot – and more than half of my pictures were not even worth printing. So far, I have been able to navigate the camera’s manual by just going through what we are using in class, so easily. I truly look forward to continuing classes with you when this one is complete. Thank you for making this class so understandable.” And Michelle delighted us by calling Photography the Basics an, “amazing must-take class for those stuck in auto-mode!  Walter helps demystify the digital camera with easy to follow reading materials, hands-on in-class examples, and homework assignments.  I now have the confidence to stop shooting in dummy-mode.  THANK YOU!”

    This is why we do what we do. There is nothing like the feeling of seeing someone’s eyes light up when they “get it,” when some aspect of photography suddenly makes sense where it didn’t before. Our current Photography the Basics course is nearly over, but the next one begins on Thursday, November 6th. Learn more about it by visiting our website. If you’re struggling to make your great camera take great pictures, to digitally capture what your eye sees, we’d love to help.

    Walter Schnecker, CPP, CPC

    Walter Schnecker is the owner of C1M Photography, LLC, in Amherst, NH. He’s been educating photographers in southern New England and beyond for the last seven years. He’s helped hundreds of people learn to get along with their digital camera.

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4 Responses

Gayle Panorelli October 29, 2014

I am looking to find out where this course will be held and days and times please.

Walter Schnecker October 29, 2014

Hi, Gayle,
Thank you for your interest in the course. Our next Photography the Basics course is starting on November 6th. Classes are held from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at our studio in Amherst. I just sent you an email with all the information. If you click the link in the post above, it also should take you to our website, where the full course description and schedule are available. (And if, for some reason, you don’t receive that email, please do let us know.) We hope to see you soon!

Kim October 29, 2014

I too am very interested in this course. I have a very nice camera that’s been underused and I’d really enjoy learning more about it in reasonable time frame (busy mom here)!

Walter Schnecker October 30, 2014

Hi, Kim,
Thanks so much for getting in touch. We understand about busy schedules – and also about nice cameras that are underused! The Photography the Basics course runs for six weeks. Many of our students tell us they’re surprised at how much they learn in a short time. If you take the course, we hope that’s the same for you, too. I’ll send you an email with the specifics of the course. If you visit our website at http://www.nh-photograhpy-classes.com, you’ll have access to our full class schedule. We also offer private lessons, if you should find that none of our scheduled courses mesh with your schedule.


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